Everyone's Carol

With Austin Pendleton as Scrooge

Thank you for Making Our 2014 London Performances a Success!

From a man who loved humanity, faced adversity and weaved one of the most beautiful, enduring stories ever told to a coffee shop window in the snow, two adaptors fervently working to keep the honesty of the spirit intact, a New York Theatre and a collaboration with dear friends, to Brooklyn with over 50 volunteers.

It has been a miraculous journey filled with so many folks volunteering their time and talents and love to us. It is too much to share with words, so see for yourself.

And at the heart, we have the theatrical legend and beloved Austin Pendleton as our Scrooge.

The journey of telling this story from a living room in Harlem to meeting the First Lady of the United States, the Prince of Burma, laying flowers at Westminster Abbey, continues. This little story touches everyone. It is truly Everyones Carol.

Jim, the busker.

Jim, the busker.


Our original adaptation of A Christmas Carol has been accepted into the Dramatists Guild of America! For more information on this honor and the DGA, click here.Our script is all Dickens original text, curated in antique ,hard bound copies of the Carol, from around the world. sponsored by Mr. John Greenleaf. To learn more about our script, look under, "Book Curation".