Everyone's Carol

A New York Carol, A London Carol


We would love to thank all our wonderful audiences and show supporters for a fantastic 2013 season. We played to sold out houses at both the Abingdon theatre as well as the New York Society Library and would love to thank our show sponsor for 2013 Macy's.

Check back soon for news about our 2014 season & updates.


From a man who loved humanity, faced adversity and weaved one of the most beautiful, enduring stories ever told to a coffee shop window in the snow, two adaptors fervently working to keep the honesty of the spirit intact, a New York Theatre and a collaboration with dear friends, to Brooklyn with over 50 volunteers.

It has been a miraculous journey filled with so many folks volunteering their time and talents and love to us. It is too much to share with words, so see for yourself.


And at the heart, we have the theatrical legend and beloved Austin Pendleton as our Scrooge.

The journey of telling this story from a living room in Harlem to meeting the First Lady of the United States, the Prince of Burma, laying flowers at Westminster Abbey, continues.

This little story touches everyone. It is truly Everyones Carol.

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Everyone's Carol is honored to be partnered with two amazing charities stationed in New York and London: Camp AmeriKids (US) and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital (UK).

Although he himself had come from an impoverished background, Charles Dickens grew up to become a strong charitable figure among the less fortunate. Our production strives to reflect that same love for humanity that he expressed in his work.

Thanks to our audience and our sponsors, we were able to donate a strong amount to both organizations for the 2013 holiday season. We hope to contribute even more this coming year.

Photos From 2013 Performance At The Abingdon Theatre