Everyone’s Carol, is brought to you by Macy’s…..

Everyone’s Carol, is brought to you by Macy’s…..


Join us December 19th, 2018 for a celebration of the 175th Anniversary of

A Christmas Carol at the Charles Dickens Museum of London with Lucinda Dickens Hawksley and friends…..

Festivities, holiday treats, tours, celebrations, readings, and museum talks to mark the special occasion!

We will be giving a special talk about our global Macy’s sponsored, modern theatrical production, as well as, our original Dickens education unit serving children in shelters, Your Stories Matter.

See you in London and thank you for being the best part of what we do!


Thank you to Everyone who is and has been a part of our journey forward these seven years and special thanks to our special friends at Macy’s, Lucinda Dickens Hawksley and the Charles Dickens Museum of London for inviting us to be a part of celebrating 175 years of A Christmas Carol!

To all audiences, all previous casts, producers, venues, crew.

All partners, friends, patrons, collaborators, sponsors, investors, contributors, angels, well wishers.

All our amazing interns, volunteers, artists, and musicians, and everyone who helped bring Carol to life.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed in anyway and please forgive us if your name is not here. So many amazing souls have been a part of our growth forward, we thank you all, everyone!

Most of all, thank you to Charles Dickens Huffham and his beautiful, true, enduring ….“little ghost of a book”….

Happy 175 Years!