2013 - 3rd TIME’S A CHARM

2013 brought with it the incredible opportunity to take to Dickens' home country. The Underwood Foundation made is possible to travel to London for development and initiating partnerships that continue to this day. This also marked the first year that we brought our Dickens education unit to England, to the Gad's Hill School, Gravesend where we connected children from the UK to children in America through our pen pal system as part of "Your Stories Matter". Back in America, our partnership with Amerikids continued and we received sponsorship from Macy's to further develop the education programing. We brought "Your Stories Matter" to PS111 in Hell's Kitchen, employing 10 teaching artists and featuring the students' projects in our pre-show lobby festival. That year we performed at the New York Society Library as well as three sold-out shows at the Abingdon Theatre Company. Talkbacks were once again held, this time with Isaac Gerwits of the New York Public Library Dickens Berg Collection, and the Dickens Fellowship, NYC. Our Front of House pre-show festival was by the DIckens Fellowship, with music, food, local artist performances, community tables, and the continued theme of "Dickens and the Streets".

We were awarded the Michelle Obama award for our show's humanities and arts work with Dickens, received a grant from the Underwood Foundation to create a global documentary about Dickens, and his Christmas Carol entitled "Chasing Charles Dickens". Laurie Strickland's article entitled "Transatlantic Impressions" was also included in the Winter 2013 edition of The Dickensian, published by the Dickens Fellowship.