About Everyone's Carol


A story of hope for everyone. Today. One that crosses cultures, oceans, borders, the street. 

Why show me this, if I am past all hope? 

A single candle burns for it. A long, low violin calls out for it. A small boy cries out for it. 

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been telling the timeless tale of promise for one last chance, one more opportunity to make the wrong right for 173 years. 

Why aren’t we tired of it? Because we all need it, want it. Hope. Everyone. 

Everyone’s Carol is just that. This story revisited for all who will listen. A focus on the original text, told in a timeless manner for our present-day, bringing Dickens to the world, now, and see what it can reveal to us anew. 

This project began 6 years ago now in Harlem and has performed to sold out houses around the globe as well as major cultural institutions, including the Charles Dickens Museum in London on Christmas Eve! 

Every aspect is crafted carefully by hand and heart. A bespoke, diverse, stripped down, full of grit and truth, to speak to the world and offer an opportunity to share in a moment, just one. 

The educational arm of the project, that reaches out to institutions who don’t have the opportunity to share Dickens with their students, has been recognized and sponsored by Macy’s. Spreading the text beyond the traditional venue. Take the hope with you. So far, we have been contacted by 39 countries who want to tell this story with us. 

There is something about this little book…I wish that judges and heads of state would read it.

This is a Carol for Everyone...see what is possible when you share a story...

It's your Carol too....

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