From Here to There

A brand new adaptation of Charles Dickens' beloved novel, A Christmas Carol. Our production seeks to go back to the root of the story and bring to light the true message Dickens originally sought: the belief in common humanity. 

Dickens' work was not only intended to appeal to those of a lower class, but be relatable to all audiences. This new work inspired by Charles Dickens' original "ghost story" awakens these spirits in a haunting new way, not to frighten, but to remind us of the memories that seem to fade throughout time, making this, indeed, EVERYONE'S carol.

By returning to the original text of Dickens' "ghost story of Christmas", we retell this classic in his own words and bring back what it truly means to "keep Christmas in [your] heart, all year round".

Produced and directed by Laurie Strickland & Jamie Bullins, starring a smash-hit cast featuring Austin Pendleton as Scrooge, this haunting new work of art honors Charles Dickens in a way that has never been seen before.

WATCH & EXPERIENCE our 2012 show at the Irondale in Brooklyn, NY: