Ours is a reflective project from front to back. We began with one question: if we had no money, how could we create a Carol for the world we live in now? A gritty, simple, heart-felt Carol. A Carol for everyone. We envisioned the show as a bridge between a family in poverty with one living in more fortunate circumstances, bringing together people who would not meet otherwise. Over the years the show has grown immensely, built on miracles, generosity, artistry, teamwork, friendships, and passion. From a snowy coffee shop window six years ago, today we are proud and humbled to have made so many friendships and developed so many amazing relationships and collaborations. These include:



Former First Lady Michelle Obama, the Prince of Burma, Macy’s, the New York Public Library, the Morgan Library, the Players Club, the New York Society Library, the Charles Dickens Museum of London, Lucinda Dickens Hawksley, Gerald Dickens, the Dickens Fellowship Worldwide. Anthropologie, the people of New York & London, people on trains & planes, volunteers, interns.

All of this is down to the power of this story, of the little book.